About us

About Us

Bioalchemy is a neologism that derives from the fusion of the word bio or “life” and alkemie (French), alkimia (medieval latin), al-kimiya (Arabic) and khemia (Greek), referring to the ancient art and science of transmutation. Bioalchemy speaks to the transformation required to adopt a way of life in profound harmony with the natural cycles, out of which which arises a constant refinement of both Earth and humans.

In its constant search for human health and environmental viability, Bioalkimia has been emerging since the end of 2005. The project initially focused on holistic education through talks and conferences, aligning with the emergence of a new scientific, philosophical, and spiritual paradigm.

In the following years, the project acquires cohesion by focusing on pedagogical strategies toward an integral sustainability, compost production, and producing socio-cultural events such as the Earth Day celebrations in México.

In the year 2008 there was a considerable deepening of our work, leading us to refine the integration of ecological regeneration technologies with the deep impulses of the human spirit. After five years, a new cycle begins in which our offerings acquired a strong and healthy root in the (eco) psychological and spiritual dimensions of Earth reconnection.

Between 2013 and 2019, Bioalchemy reaches a fertile point through mutually beneficial alliances and its own experience to formalize its vision and establish itself as an Institute.

The Bioalchemy Institute was born out of a sincere interest for consciousness development in attunement with the historical and cultural need of living in harmony with nature. Our commitment of healing the relation between humans and the rest of nature through a transformative education for body, mind, and spirit derives from such realization.