Psycho-spiritual Development

Psycho-spiritual Development

It is necessary to develop a practice and way of seeing that allows us to reconnect with genuine sources of wholeness, peace, and clarity in a world where an existential crisis seems to be on an exponential rise.

The systematic erosion by the industrial system of the values ​​of consciousness–compassion, forgiveness, respect, wisdom, beauty–highlights the import of spiritual wisdom that allows to more thoroughly uplift and honor the gift of existence. This profound transformation liberates us from our role as mere economic agents to experience ourselves as a celebratory expression of life itself.

Spirituality, from our understanding and taking into account the current historical moment, draws primarily from a constant exercise of self-knowledge informed by the ecologies of our planet home. Nourished by the dialogue between ancestral wisdom and contemporary advancements, the process of psycho-spiritual development deepens our journey of awakening as we face the challenges of a globalized world.

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