A broad and inclusive perspective, in both time and space, serves as a chief inspiration for the various tasks of the Institute. The expansion and reformulation of our relation to time helps in recovering our genuine place amidst the web of life, while an expanded spatial perspective invites a kinder and more respectful attitude in the here and now.

This exercise of broadening our identity brings about a consistent effect–our gaze goes inward and aims to tend the root that sustains our existence. In this way, the exercise of self-knowledge that leads to the realization of our intimate belonging to the living Earth becomes essential.

The Bioalchemy Institute recognizes that the transition toward a healthier, more wakeful and regenerative culture depends on a profound transformation of the role and function of the human in the planetary web of life.


The Institute is nurtured by a variety of Wisdom Teachings that activate the innate fluidity and freedom of our inner landscapes. This inner freedom is deeply connected to the surrounding ecologies.

One of our main goals is to nurture a sense of belonging and unity with Life itself, given that life-affirming attitudes and behaviors spring forth from such sense. We evoke this transformation by:

A compassionate understanding of the inner landscapes of our shared humanity, so we may cultivate personal, social, ecosystemic regeneration.

An integrative approach that weaves different areas of knowledge and activates the various intelligences we are endowed with.

A deep perspective that addresses the root paradigm(s) out of which emerges the biological, ecological, and cultural erosion we are facing.

A celebration of the current historical moment through overseeing a transformation into humanity’s real nature.

The inclusion of a psycho-spiritual framework as fundamental ally in the quest of health and viability.

The great necessity of reconnecting to the Earth by way of contemplation and action.