Connected Masculinity

Connected Masculinity – Men’s Circle

Without fear of exaggeration, most of the problems we face today are linked to a warped sense of masculinity. It is urgent to cultivate spaces that facilitate going beyond old transgenerational and personal burdens of violence and disconnection and explore a healthier and more harmonious sense of connected masculinity.

Join us in a compassionate, participatory, and confidential ritual space to share the challenges and gifts of being a man in our time. With the support of nature and community, we will awaken a more liberated sense of masculinity in connection with an increased creative and regenerative potential. Beyond distorted notions of power, aggressiveness, and dominance lies the possibility of a connected man.


  • 4:00 – 7:00 pm
  • Casa Arkaana, Tulúm, México
  • Exchange: $50 USD
  • Facilitator: Adrián Villaseñor Galarza


Adrián is an integral ecopsychologist, academic collaborator, contemplative practitioner, international facilitator, ritualist, and author whose work weaves together the psycho-spiritual study of the Earth-human relation, animist principles, and contemplative wisdom. Founder and director of the Bioalchemy Institute & The Work That Reconnects Latin America, Adrián has been involved in transformative education for about 17 years and has had 8 years of private practice.