“Heart of the Sky, Heart of the Earth: Spirituality in the Planetary Era” Adrián Villaseñor Galarza (2017) (Spanish Edition)

Heart of the Sky, Heart of the Earth

Spirituality in the Planetary Era

Adrián Villaseñor Galarza (2017)

The planetization of humanity and the monumental challenges of the eco-crisis of civilization make of consciousness development a necessity with implications for all beings on Earth.

The spirituality of the planetary era, this historic moment of bright light and unsettling darkness in which the activities of our species are felt by the global ecosystem, invites us with urgency to regain a sense of the sacred in everyday life.

In order to do so it is necessary to connect and activate the heart’s core. It is from such place that old beliefs, habits and customs give way to an interdependent and harmonious relation between humanity, the sacred, and the earth, between spirit and matter. The integration of heaven and earth in the heart begets the true planetary human, and thus the possibility of a viable future for all.

“In the now distant year of 1987, we conducted the first seminar of deep ecology in México with the appearance of Bill Devall, Peter Berg, David Haenke and John Milton, which also led to the first book in Spanish of different authors on the same topic. Thirty years later, I have in my hands the manuscript, Heart of Sky, Heart of the Earth. After having read it in detail, I only have a phrase for the readers: READ IT, it is the best work produced by a Mexican. Expressing a strong appreciation to the author for this profound book that accompanies his work to keep awakening us to the awareness of the OMtakuye oyasin that summarizes his words; we are one with all our relations.”

Coyote Alberto Ruz

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