“The Great Turning: Awakening to Earth’s Blooming” Adrián Villaseñor Gallarza (2015)

The presentation of a theoretical framework that draws from Macy’s Work That Reconnects and an integral-ecological perspective serves as the foundation of the various essays that conform the second half of the book. “In celebrating the promise of this book, I bow to Adrian Villasenor for his vision and his care in bringing it forth. As … Read more

“Bioalchemy: On the Transformative Belonging of Nature, Humans, and Soul” Adrián Villaseñor Gallarza (2015)

Bioalchemy aims to see beyond the dualistic thinking that permeates humanity to recover a deep and enchanted reciprocity between the family of all things. “This is a gem of a book! Like the philosopher’s stone or the vital elixir of the alchemical traditions from which it draws, Bioalchemy can catalyze the reader into a more … Read more

“Heart of the Sky, Heart of the Earth: Spirituality in the Planetary Era” Adrián Villaseñor Galarza (2017) (Spanish Edition)

In order to do so it is necessary to connect and activate the heart’s core. It is from such place that old beliefs, habits and customs give way to an interdependent and harmonious relation between humanity, the sacred, and the earth, between spirit and matter. The integration of heaven and earth in the heart begets the … Read more

“Ancestral Healing: Millenary Legacies in Service of the Soul” Adrián Villaseñor Galarza (2018) (Spanish Edition)

Personal health and fulfilling our personal destity are woven in the transgenerational lattice that sustains us all. Treading the paths of soul vivifies the human experience, leading us to fulfill, in beauty, the ancestral destiny that we always carried within. “Insightfully piercing the illusory veil of generational forgetfulness rampant in disenchanted reductionist thinking, Adrián poignantly … Read more